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Music Lineup

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The Mantras

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Casey &
The Comrades

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Kind Thieves

Urban Soil weaves Americana, rock and soul into their explosive live shows and tightly polished albums. They display the uncompromising energy that Urban Soil is consistent in delivering, and likewise exemplifies the band’s skillful-yet–visceral sound. They have the unique talent of transferring the energy of their live shows on to their studio recordings, resulting in an electrifying experience with every listen.  Influenced by early roots elements, Urban Soil uniquely fuses those sounds with a fresh take, delivering a blend of raw, nostalgic foundations with a modern and glistening slant.   Front-woman Sarah Reinke brings her old-soul vocals to the stage and studio with passionate style. Rounding out her talents on guitar and washboard, Reinke pulls you in instantly. Guitarist and vocalist, Eric Chesson delivers forceful and driving components with every lick, and offers steadfast vocals. Greg Meckley’s skillful violin and mandolin playing blends tight layers and bright sounds that s
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Nick MacDaniels (Big Something) & Ranford Almond

The Kind Thieves
The Kind Thieves



The Kind Thieves

The Kind Thieves

Some of the things we’ll have:

  • Lakeside Stage with serious visuals, topped off by lights and lasers

  • parking with a short walk to the stage

  • food truck!

  • camping on three knolls around the lake

  • Car camping along a tree line

  • 9 hole frisbee golf course, brand new around the lake!  First time played by anyone!  Will it be you?

  • Live bands and DJs, we ain’t afraid to cross worlds!

  • Southern hospitality and kindness, we ain’t afraid of the word ain’t! 


A few no go  notes: 

  • no dogs, sorry!   

  • no alchohol vendors, BYOB! 

  • absolutely NO SWIMMING (in the future this will be called the Age of Insurance) 

  • No being unkind, disrespectful, or rude.  Keep it classy. 

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