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 The easiest way to find us is via google maps.  Simply put in Life Is Art Studios, or 4521 Mial Plantation Rd
Raleigh, NC 27610.  


  That will bring you just past the intersection of Mial Plantation Rd & Major Slade Rd.  From there, that address, will take you onto a dirt road that is the continuation of Major Slade, which we still call Major Slade.      

    From there you arrive at General Check in for everyone, 0.1 miles after you turn onto the dirt road.  Artists, VIP, General Admission, the second coming, he who must not be named, and the teenage mutant ninja turtles.  Everyone stops here and signs a waiver. Yep, even you.



From there you continue down Major Slade 0.6 miles, until there is a slight break in the road.  




Follow the white arrows to the right and then follow the path, guided by white arrows, to the parking area, another 0.2 miles after the turn.. Car Camping is in this area as well.

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